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Bookmarklet for phpFox

phpfox bookmarletBookmarklet for phpFox’s purpose is to promote content curation. It allows your users to conveniently keep and share what they find interesting to your social site. Once the “+ Keep it” button is saved on the browser as bookmark button, users could use this button to grab contents from any page they view. The sharing process is done quickly, as a popup on the same page being viewed. This plugin saves users from the distraction of having to switch sites, and from many mouse clicks to be able share on your site.

Christmas Animation for phpFox

phpfox christmas animationHoliday season is here! Give thanks to your members by bringing the Spirit to your site with our Christmas Animation add-on. Surprise them with many cool effects. Whether it’s Santa walking on a gorgeous snowy landscape with beautiful pine trees and gingerbread houses or just falling snow with Christmas lights. Mix and match as you like. It will be a nice touch to show your appreciation to your site’s members.

This plugin supports very granular controls. It has five snow icons and six different backgrounds (footer) to choose from. You can create a calming “White Christmas” with few flurries or even a snow blizzard for thrilling experience (will increase user’s CPU usage). Wind effect during mouse movement will generate a genuine impression when viewing falling snow. Not only that, what Christmas is without Santa (or Father of Christmas)? He will be busy running around on your site delivering presents to your loyal members. You could decide how busy (fast) he will be as well.

Icon Pack for phpFox

phpfox icon pack Icon Pack for phpFox is a complete set of stylish, modern icons intended to replace phpFox’s original icons. This pack will enhance the visual appearance of your site. When using phpFox, site owners generally change layouts of their social sites to differentiate from phpFox’s ordinary look and feel. There are many themes available on the market. However, these themes often are inadequate to transform social sites when other small details are left untouched – Site Icons.

Page Not Found for phpFox

phpfox page not foundDefine the character of your phpFox site with a customizable 404 page. Not only that, unique 404 page will also make it a pleasure and surprise for your viewers. Its amazing the effect a sprinkle of humor and some creativity can have on someone and it will certainly make your site that little bit more memorable.

Profile Verify for phpFox

phpfox profile verifyThis add-on is used to established authenticity of members on phpFox’s sites. It allows site admin to verify members’ information with provided official documents such as Driver License, Identity Card, utility bills, etc. It is a must have tool whether your site is a dating, social e-commerce, employment, escort service or just plain hobby site. This add-on allows your members access to trusted sources of information, gain credibility for online transactions or the power to professionally present themselves with verified personal information.

Scroll To Top for phpFox

phpfox scroll to topIf your pages are long winded, it’s a good idea to provide viewers with an easy way to quickly/automatically scroll back to the top of the page. That’s is exactly what this module does. It displays a stationary control on user’s screen predefined by Admin. When clicked on, it gently scrolls the page back up to the top. Instead of always being visible on the user’s screen, this plugin lets you specify how far down the page the user is at (in pixels) before revealing the control. Admin can also choose one of available styles, change background color, hover color to best fit site’s theme. Best of all, this plugin is FREE! Enjoy!

vBulletin Integration for phpFox

phpfox vBulletin IntegrationvBulletin Integration for phpFox is the bridge between both great platforms – social network and forum community. This integration is seamless and will provide positive user experiences. It will reduce management overhead while being able to increase member interactions on both sites. This integration accommodates many great features which site owners look for when they want to integrate vBulletin with phpFox such as Single Sign-on (SSO), simple user management, “on-the-fly” accounts sync, unified private messaging system, main forum is embedded nicely to phpFox site and forum feeds update on phpFox’s homepage and user profile. Site owner can now manage members of both sites with ease. Member’s interaction will increase as forum activities are updated on phpFox’s Homepage and User Profile. This allows members to receive updates and join their fiend’s discussion. Main forum is nicely embedded on phpFox site and option to switch back to phpFox (using avatar icon) enable members to switch between both sites easily. This integration is a must have for those who own both phpFox, vBulletin and want to have a thriving community.

Video Guide for phpFox

phpFox Video GuideVideo Guide for phpFox allows site admins to use video clips to attract potential members. With this plugin, site admin can “guide” (tag) any videos on phpFox site to be shown on landing page. It is useful when site admin wants to showcase site features, provide useful instructions using video format or simply just want to features great videos uploaded by site members. Site admins can determine display size and tag as many videos as they want because listing with scroll option is supported.

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